Raw Alfalfa Honey, Unheated and Unfiltered 17oz


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Raw Alfalfa Honey, Unheated and Unfiltered 17oz

Orchard Experts Brought to you by Kauffman Orchards, this Alfalfa Honey is light in color, and can be described as having a light spicy, floral aroma. Everything about this premium honey - from its light, pleasing, balanced aroma and flavor to its raw state (unheated, unfiltered, nothing removed, nothing added) - speaks of exquisite taste, superior quality, and outstanding nutrition! Sweet and Natural Goodness – This fresh-bottled, naturally crystallized honey is always kept under 108 degrees Fahrenheit to preserve 100% of its enzymes. Enzymes are part of a healthy diet, helping our bodies to function optimally. Note – Raw honey may vary in color, taste, and consistency, depending on the floral sources available to the honey bees.

17 oz glass jar