18th Mar 2023

Guess what? We are growing!

Dear Community,Our Team is growing and we have some awesome people sharing our vision!We are excited to let you know that 2 awesome drivers joined NowFarms Team!Luciano will start on his own this upco …

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11th Mar 2023

Jerusalem Artichokes are back!

Dear Community,  We now have Sunchokes!???Commonly called the Jerusalem artichoke, sunchokes are a species of sunflower that are native to central North America.They are rich in iron and t …

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5th Mar 2023

Who are we without our faith? Happy Purim!

Hello dear and beautiful community!Art by tatyana z cohenIt's Purim time. What is Purim? It's another Jewish holiday that we celebrate life, but not only that.It's a very joyful holiday where we …

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25th Feb 2023

Is it Spring yet?

Hello our beautiful community!Spring is near! It is still cold, but I hear the birds singing, more with each day! Another good sign is that our best soy-free Duck eggs are available again!!Thank …

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11th Feb 2023

Rutabagas - the new potatoes.

Dear Friends,Comfort food can be so healing and good for us in so many levels. It's the most helpful during cold seasons. We rely on comfort for survival, especially emotional survival. Warm …

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