About us

 Our Mission & History

The Buying Club NYC / NowFarms.com was formed in December of 2011. At that time, we just wanted to bring real farm food to our friends and family. Before we knew it, people started telling their friends who were telling their friends. We all know good word travels fast.

After one short year of business, our club's membership had grown significantly. Since that first year we have developed trusted relationships with local organic food producers like Amish farms and small family-owned farms.

What this means for our members: We are able to deliver the very best products and support small local farmers.

Our idea and goal is to create a free marketplace where people can choose for themselves the kind of products they want to consume. We believe that people should have the liberty to choose the food they eat, instead of government agencies telling them what's good and what's not based on how much money they received from lobbyists.

We don't only carry milk and eggs. We have fruits, vegetables, cow and goat dairy,  honey-baked goods, meat, chicken; even cosmetics and medicinal products!

Who are our farms and vendors?

We only deal with local farms and local people that produce real food and real products.  Some are organic, certified by the state, and some are not. Most of our vendors don't use any chemicals in the production process. The few that do, like Scholl Farm (where we buy apples and peaches), are only using them for integrated pest management. We always welcome new vendors as long as they produce holistic and really clean products.

Rest assured that we try to disclose as much information about the production of our products as we can. After all, we (The Buying Club owners and their families) consume our own products. We've made the Buying Club NYC not just a business but a lifestyle.

GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)

At this point, we don't have any products that contain genetically modified organisms.  All animal feed, all fruits, and all vegetables are NON-GMO.

Ordering and delivery

Delivery schedule:

Wednesday:  Mid Jersey (Kearny, Livingston, Hoboken, Jersey City areas), Brooklyn, Staten Island, Lower NYC

North Jersey (Denville, Kinnelon,  Montville,  Fair Lawn, USR, Rockland, Westchester county, Bronx NY, Connecticut, Queens, Upper NYC, Fort Lee

Please order Friday-Monday 5 pm  (its the best for us and farmers to have time to prepare your orders). 

All orders must be in by 5pm on Monday.


Products are delivered in boxes in the refrigerated van. Please let us know in the notes when anyone is home to accept the order. We can pack food in the insulated box with ice packs (if possible please return it to us). Just let us know and will gladly accommodate.

We finally finished our movie about where your food comes from. Hope you like it:)