100% Free Range/Roaming Chicken Eggs from Souder's Amish Farm. 1 Dozen


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Chicken Eggs all natural, roaming, non-gmo from Elton Sauder Amish Farms:

Chicken eat whatever real natural food they could find plus feed, which consist of local non gmo organic corn, non gmo organic wheat, non gmo organic minerals, non gmo soybeans, real wild oyster shells and granite grit. No hormones or antibiotics ever.

Quantity: 1 Dozen

Please note that farmers are re-using old egg cartons, please disregard the brand and exparation dates. No, we do not re-sell the eggs from other stores/supermarkets! :) No, we don't sell expired eggs! :)  You are welcome to return clean egg cartons as well, we'll bring it to the farmers. Thanks!