Raw Goat Milk, Kirchenberg farm, 1/2 gallon


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These free-range goats have huge fields to roam around and eat all the natural food they could find. During the Winter season, when there's not grass on the ground, they enjoy hay. 10% of the goats' diet consists of non-GMO corn, oats, soybeans, and minerals. No antibiotics or hormones are ever given to these goats. Ever! Size: 1/2 gallon  

Disclaimer: It may not be legal to sell raw dairy or  products that's not certified by USDA for human consumption in your state. All sales are Private by nature and not subject to any Public scrutiny. It is also understood that at the time of Transaction it is agreed that the inspection of the food from any participating farm has been satisfied and the responsibility for the food safety firmly falls to recipient from the time of transaction.

Not for human consumption. Makes awesome soaps!

Your cats and dogs will love it!