5th Aug 2022

Yellow Buttercup Watermelons! YES!

Hello beautiful people! :)We are so happy to offer to you Yellow Buttercup Watermelons!They are so juicy, sweet and refreshing! It's a hit every year! Make sure to get some! Please be m …

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29th Jul 2022

What is REAL food?

Hello beautiful people! Last week, we had a very unpleasant situation.A new customer called me and wanted to return all of the products she ordered. Why? Because she is unaccustomed to REAL fresh …

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8th Jul 2022

Local PA Peaches are here!

Hello beautiful people!Now it's really Summer, no doubts about that! We are trilled to inform you that our local PA peaches are here! They are absolutely delicious! ALL ORDERS MUST BE IN BY …

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